Saturday 12 May 2012

Sreemanti Sengupta, Odditor, The Odd Magazine
Sreemanti Sengupta is an advertising copywriter from Kolkata, India. She loves writing in English and Bangla, which is her native language. She also loves unintentional brooding, sleeping, elocution disobedience, impulsiveness, reading, talking out-of-turn/out-of-place, photography, painting, music and did I mention writing? She reads and writes whenever possible. Sreemanti’s work has been published on the online and print media. She blogs here  At present, she’s sweating out her debut novel. Facebook  Twitter: @sreemantisen

Malay Roychoudury, Odd Activit, Inspiration, Mentor
Malay Roychoudhury is a witness to the
 chaotic creative climate of the 60s. 
 He was the chief propagator of the Hungryalist movement in Bengal, which is the correspondent of the Beat Movement. He has till date written more than 70 books including poetry, novel, essay, drama, criticisms and translated works by Neruda, Ginsberg, Lorca, Tzara,Artaud, Rimbaud, and more in Bengali. He is best known for his poem Stark Electric Jesus as translated from the bangle original, Prochondo Boidyutik Chutor for which he was sentenced to prison by the Calcutta Court on charges of obscenity. You can read some of  his critically acclaimed work here. On Facebook